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Whether you need full-service bookkeeping or just a periodic review, Bookkeeper Pro can handle the job. We are familiar with creating order from chaos, helping businesses thrive, and powering the engine of your businesses. From recording the transactions to editing the financial statements, we are mainly helping with documentation, organization, verifying balances, coding, and reporting.

Financial Insights, Strategic Growth

Accounting & Tax Preparation

Your financial statements offer a wealth of knowledge about what is working (or not) in your business. Indeed, the financial statements measurements constitute the most crucial reason for accounting the companies.

We help set up the Chart of Accounts adapted to your activities, ensure that the journal transaction entries are correct, and carefully check the sales ledgers (Account Receivable), Bank register, and Purchase ledger (Account Payable). From this accurate information, we establish the General Ledger and provide a balanced Trial Balance. Then we edit the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

In addition, we can help with sales taxes, payroll processing and reporting, income tax, and 1099 filing.

comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting solution


QuickBooks is a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting solution. QuickBooks Online is the world’s number one cloud accounting solution for small businesses. It helps business owners efficiently manage their finances and share their books with their accountants for seamless collaboration. A professional installation and setup are essential to achieve accurate results. As QuickBook Pros, we install and set up the system.

Depending on the nature and volume of activities of our clients, we may assist our clients with other Intuit products family when it is needed as well as help to set up a platform that will connect software developers with QuickBooks Online to corresponding fields in their application in order to feed their data into QuickBooks Online.

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